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Working with these loving Spiritual friends of ours in the upper world only brings untold and magical changes in our lives.


So much has been written about working with Angels that is it easy to lose yourself in the do’s and the don’ts. I prefer simplicity and working with the Angels can be as simple as just asking.

Angels are never too distant to hear you… they are speaking to all of us, some of us are just better listeners. To me Angels are the gatekeepers to our souls.


Open your mind and heart to the Angels, you will notice that the more you are aware the more you will experience their energies and appreciate their gifts. If you had an Angel calling, follow the flow and trust it will lead you to where you need to be.


What Blessings this brings into our lives: To be able to ask and receive advice from the Angels on any problem you face; To receive Their loving guidance and protection, working with you to transform your life; Built a long lasting loving relationship with your Angels; With Angelic help change “set-backs and disappointments”; Bring Love, positive feelings and thoughts into your life; Discover your Higher purpose and or Mission in life.


Learn and grow with the Angels, being able to make the right decisions regarding our work, our home, our health and our relationships.Letting the Angels guide and help us, discovering our part in helping the world and ourselves can only make our lives and the world a better place. By finding our true purpose and path, everything falls into place and our lives blossom.

We live in a changing world. Light is pouring into our world. With guidance from our Angels, our intuition and inner guidance, we can make changes faster and more easily than we have done before.

Angels have been sent to assist in the growing awareness that mankind needs help. To help us solve the world problems and our own. It is our time to hear the wisdom of our own inner voice, reawaken our Spirituality, and with guidance, find our true path.


It can be fun, exciting, an adventure to watch these changes come about. Miracles can happen!


In our society we still seem fixed on the idea that we shouldn’t have problems, they should be fixed and got rid of as quickly as possible.We traditionally tell our children “get an education, get a good job, a nice house, fall in love, settle down, have a family and live happily ever after”. Life we know, if not like that. It has its problems and crisis which enable us to grow and learn and become a better person. Somehow we are still not prepared for this.


Working with the Angels has the advantage of being able to talk with your Angels, whatever problem arises in your life, you can ask the Angels :

    Why has this come up?       What is the lesson or gift for me?         What advise/guidance do you have for me?


In getting, and trusting the guidance, we begin to see why the problem arises, what the lesson is and how to handle it. As we know each problem brings seeds of useful lessons and growth, an opportunity in disguise.


With the knowledge that our Angels will guide us through each and every opportunity, reveal the lesson, help us to handle it, our fears starts melting away and we can look forward to life more confidently. Taking time to recognise how our lives have been shaped, changed and guided so far, helps us to feel better prepared for the future.


Angels communicate with us and guide us in many different ways, some direct, some indirect. The more we are willing to ask for their help and guidance, the more they will assist us. They are only too delighted to help, that’s what they are here for!


Angels love to assist and help us, like loving parents who are only too pleased when their children ask for their help. So ask for the Angels to help and guidance …………


The Angles, as Beings of Light, want for us to trust ourselves and respect our feelings and our experiences. In doing so our awareness grows and the more it grows the more they can teach us.

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