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What is Shamanic Healing and how does it work?


Shamanic Healing works by unblocking stuck energies, restoring flow and return your power and energy to its rightful place.


Putting it simply, the causes of our physical, mental and emotional suffering are due to parts of our Power being lost, and /or Spiritual intrusions to our being. This can happen from many kinds of trauma which happens in our lives, such as abuse (physical and mental) accidents, difficult relationships, giving birth, bereavement, disappointments…….. Resulting in our Soul’s power being lost or if it’s easier to understand, dissociated.  It is a way for our Soul Part to preserve itself, this might leave our Spirit open to intrusions from outside but also points out to us that we are no longer whole, balanced, we need to all our Soul parts together. Being unbalanced creates its own problems.


Symptoms of Soul loss include amongst others: A feeling of not being “all there”; I don’t fit in/don’t belong here; Out of Touch; Relationship difficulties; Lack of confidence; Fears and Phobias; Depression; Bereavement/Divorce.


It is particularly in the healing process that Shamanism realizes the relatedness of the physical body with the mental and spiritual, a knowledge that modern medicine is only now coming to terms with recently.

The practice of shamanism is never easily defined……


Let’s start with the fact that Shamanism is a spiritual practice and a healing tradition that is thousands of years old.


Shamanic practitioners incorporate their healing knowledge and spirit into the modern world, restoring balance and harmony to us, our communities, and our planet as a whole.

Most importantly, shamanic work makes a practical difference in this world we live in. It brings about changes as all healing journeys are undertaken with a specific purpose in mind.


Now, at last open-minded Westerners are beginning to discover for themselves that the shamanic methods can bring astonishing results in problem-solving and healing, for themselves and for others. By using these healing methods, we acquire a new awareness of our spiritual unity with all beings, the Planet, and with the Universe. In our busy lives we need to balance ourselves, fill the hole that you feel, find that part of you that you feel is missing……


The word Shamanism has been branded in the press to the extent that we have an image of a new age hippy beating a drum dancing around a fire. Shamanism, in its true sense, is something very different from this image.


It is particularly in the healing process that Shamanism realizes the relatedness of the physical body with the mental and spiritual.


Shamanic practitioners commune with their spirit helpers/guides/power animals for help and assistance on any and all matters. These spirits are available to help everyone, and the shamanic practitioner’s role is often to reconnect clients with their helping spirits, restoring their personal power.


It is the shamanic practitioner’s spirits - not the shamanic practitioner - who will determine what healing work needs to be undertaken for the client, whether that is soul retrieval or something else.


The Shamanic Practitioner bring with the help of her/his spirits the “cure” but is up to the client to do the “healing”. Thus, it’s the client’s job to make sure the fix sticks! As shamanic practitioner we can only assist a patient, healing comes from within.


Other healers may have their own ideas about their role…

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